Prof. Eisa CV

Professor Eisa CV

Name: Eisa Osman El-Amin
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 1953
Nationality: Sudanese
Marital status: Married with four children
Religion: Muslim
            MBBS, University of Khartoum, 1976
            DTCH, university of Liverpool, UK, 1982
            MRCP, London, 1982
            FRCP, Edinburgh 1993
            Sudanese Doctors Association
            International Toxinology Association
            British Paediatrics Association
Other affiliations:
            Arab Board Examiner
            MRCPCH Examiner
Employment History
            Present Post:  Faculty of Medicine,National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan
                         Professor of Paediatrics
                         Senior Consultant Paediatrician/Neonatologist
Previous Posts:
2000 -2004:

(In Khoula teaching Hospital, Muscat, Oman: Tertiary for . Neonatology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, plastics, burns and trauma centre for the capital area)
Job started in Oct.2000 as: Senior consultant, Head department of Paediatrics and Neonatology. Superintendent for paediatric services, Muscat Capital Area.
Head of quality improvement committee for the whole Hospital.

Oct. 94 -2000:

Senior consultant & Head of paediatrics and Neonatology, Salalah teaching hospital, Oman.


Feb 88- Oct 94: Consultant Paediatrician, Maternity & Children Teaching Hospital, Medina, Saudi Arabia (On leave without pay from Gezira University)


Promoted to associate professor of paediatrics in University of Gezira, Sudan.

Oct. 83-Feb.88:
Appointed associate professor of paediatrics, Gezira University and Consultant Paediatrician, Medani Teaching hospital, Sudan

March 83- Nov 83: Registrar in paediatrics, Maidstone hospital, UK


March 82- Feb 83: Registrar in paediatrics, Chesterfield Hospital, UK


Sept 81- March 82: Full time student (DTCH), Liverpool University, UK


March 81- Sept 81: SHO, Alder hey Children Hospital, Liverpool, UK


Sept 80- March 81: SHO neonatology, Fazakerly Hospital Liverpool, UK


Oct. 77- April 80: Medical officer in paediatrics, Medani Hospital, Sudan


Sept 76- Oct 77: Housemanship, Medani and Khartoum Hospitals, Sudan


I have been exposed to all sorts of pediatric problems at all Levels of hospital practice in the developed and developing world. This includes dealing with emergency and cold cases management using high tech facilities like artificial ventilation, use of surfactant, and parenteral nutrition. I have mastered many techniques like intestinal biopsy, and arterial canulation. I have handled many parents of different ethnic backgrounds in difficult situations of disease and bereavement.


I have supervised doctors at junior and senior levels. I have managed department of paediatrics. I took part in planning for paediatric training and activities. While in the Gezira University I coordinated many courses and supervised postgraduate activities. I was faculty board member, the admission officer for the faculty and member in the team for training of medical officers in primary health care and rural hospital management. In Saudia Arabia I was a member and examiner in the Arab Board.
In Oman I was a member of the postgraduate committee for the country and I was examiner for the MRCP.
Currently I am the dean of a community oriented school of medicine with an annual intake of more than 250 students. Most of our students are of expatriate parents working in the gulf area with different experiences in life.

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