Omdurman Children's Hospital; ICU Project

    Alhawades Street Initiative Society, a group of Sudanese youth volunteers helping poor sick children in Sudan, held a press conference in Mohamed Elamin Hamid (Omdurman) hospital for children, on Saturday 16/5/2015.

    In the press conference a report of the Intensive Care Unit Project to the hospital was delivered by the leader of the society followed by talks and queries from participants from press media and medical personnel.
    Following the press conference, Alhawades Street Initiative Society leader handled the well-equipped ICU to the hospital's administrator.
    A woman called; Om-gesma, working as a "tea-seller" in Alhawades Street, cut the opening ceremony tape. This woman sells tea near Dr. Gafar Ibn Auf Referral Hospital for Children and the members of the society used to drink tea and run their activities on her traditional seats(banabers).

    ICU capacity is 7 beds, attached to each bed 3 infusion pumps, 2 syringe pumps and cardiorespiratory monitor.

    In the ICU there are 5 ventilators, an ABG machine, Doppler ultrasound machine, DC convertor, ECG machine and a mobile x-ray unit.

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